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Hot Wax Hair Removal  

Try as we might, fashion dictates everything and as far as we women are concerned, it is now focused on excess body hair. Unfortunately shaving is only a make-do, or temporary reprieve; what w really need is a longer term method. The answer to this is hot wax hair removal which gives a perfectly smooth finish without any shaving nicks. Increasingly this simple method has become the number one way to remove hair leaving the skin soft and supple.

With all of the other hair removal products on the market some may wonder why on earth hot wax hair removal has stood the test of time. Whilst not the most perfect method available for removing unwanted hair, it does have a number of plus points. The greatest benefit which remains to this day is that wax removal is still inexpensive. Traditionally, shaving has been the method of convenience, if not choice, but its hell when you cut yourself.

This usually happens before a special engagement, too. That's the one really good thing about wax removal, no more cuts and unlike shaving; you don't have to do it so regularly. I think the biggest plus point to the hot wax hair removal process is that your hair returns thinner each time you use it. From that aspect I can't fault it, even when I do have to repeat the process again, there's less hair to remove.

Shaving on the other hand is a more frequent process because the more you shave, the quicker the hair returns. There is a little pain with the hot wax hair removal system but nowhere near as much as many people would have you believe. As alternatives to wax removal go, one of the worst is the Epilady. The person who thought up this evil little device must enjoy inflicting pain on others. I got rid of mine after using it once, very, very briefly, I wouldn't even let my worst enemy use it.

It was one of my old college friends who suggested I try hot wax hair removal, so I went along with her when she next went. I bet if you try it too, you'll be convinced and won't go back to the other painful methods. It's funny when you think about the poor press wax removal systems have for causing a little discomfort. When you think about the alternatives, to my mind there is no comparison, it beats them hands down.


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