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Liposuction recovery

Whenever you have any form of major surgery, there will be a recovery period associated with that surgery.  The same goes with liposuction recovery.  It is considered major surgery and you can expect some pain and discomfort while the body is repairing itself.  Of course there is medication available to help with this discomfort.  Liposuction recovery will also require you to wear post surgical garments or bandages to firmly hold the area while it heals.

During liposuction recovery, many patients have fluid drainage.  Now some surgeons opt to insert a tube to assist this drainage for the first few days.  Expect some bleeding along with swelling and possibly temporary numbness of the treated area.  The stitches will have to be removed within 10 days or they will dissolve in that timeframe as well.  By this time, you should be feeling quite normal.

Surgeons wish for quick liposuction recovery, but remember this is major surgery and there is the possibility of complications.  Most common occur due to too much or too little fat being removed and too much anesthesia.  You want to go into this surgery fully aware of all the possible complications so be sure to discuss them before proceeding.



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