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Liposuction costs

We all want to look slimmer, younger and healthier.  But that comes with a cost and it is usually quite high.  Whether you pay with your time or money, it is still expensive.  Liposuction costs fall into that same category.  The procedure itself is not complicated, but the equipment, surgeon and anesthesia if required is.  Liposuction costs can range significantly depending on the area and the number of locations being treated.

To give a rough estimate of what liposuction costs you may be facing, the surgical fees can range from as low as $1,600 and go to as high as $7,000.  Now some procedures can be less expensive and some more depending again on how many areas you are being treated for and any additional expenses incurred.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average surgeonís costs of liposuction in 2003 was $2,224.  Again, this is only an average.  Your best bet to get accurate costs is to go and have a consultation done with a qualified surgeon.  We also recommend getting two opinions just to make sure.  Remember, this is major surgery and it will be priced accordingly.



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