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Lasik complications

Life is full of risks and we all understand that undergoing any sort of medical procedure including lasik eye surgery has risks.  Have all procedures gone 100% to plan.  Absolutely not.  There have been lasik complications but if you use an experienced surgeon who has performed thousands of procedures, the risks obviously go down.  Lasik complications do occur, the question really is, how often?

In the late 1990ís, studies indicated that up to 5% of patients who underwent lasik surgery experienced some sort of problem.  Today, lasik surgeons believe the rate of lasik complications is below 1%.  It is extremely rare for lasik to cause permanent vision loss which is actually worse that it was before surgery when contacts or glasses are used.

One of the most common lasik complications were flap cut complications.  Older methods used a blade to cut the flap which is lifted for laser reshaping of the eye.  New technology uses a laser to cut the flap which is more accurate and results in few flap complications.  We highly recommend that you do your due diligence before proceeding with this surgery.  Consult your doctor and speak to more than one eye surgeon to get the full story.


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