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Laser hair removal

There is nothing worse than having excess hair on your body.  The good news is you have a number of effective options to remove unwanted hair including electrolysis, waxing as well as laser treatments.  Laser facial hair removal is not only safe, but effective.  Laser facial hair removal technology is advancing almost daily making it a non-invasive and long lasting alternative.

Permanent hair removal is always the end goal in most cases.  Laser facial hair removal is capable of permanently removing unwanted hair but it is a process and takes time.  You will not see permanent results with only one treatment.  Many ask how the process works.  Basically, the laser emits an invisible light that is able to penetrate the skin without causing any damage to it. 

The light is absorbed by the pilous follicle and is damaged which impairs its ability to generate a hair.  The current hair is also damaged by the heat that is transformed by the pigments.  The good news is that none of the surrounding skin is affective with laser facial hair removal. 



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