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Obese Seniors Game For The Gastric Bypass Surgery!

By: Belinda John

Look at the obese population who are being wasted with poor health. They also suffer from all kinds of ailments like heart problems, sleep apnea, bad blood circulation or other obesity related illnesses which hamper daily routine activities. Miserable at that age, seniors often delve out of weight loss plans or treatments with diet pills like Phentermine, Xenical or Didrex to try out easy, fast and effective methods of obesity treatment.

The Gastric Bypass surgery is mainly administered for patients who have a BMI index of 30 or above. People who are uncomfortably obese will gain much from this surgery as gastric bypass surgery reduces fat and help patients to eat less. It is a blessing in disguise for many seniors because surgeries of this kind block the advancement of various weight and heart related diseases. With Medicare providing weight loss costs to the people, many are willing to give a shot to this treatment method.

A recent study also gave good news to the older men saying, surgeries will be as effective on them as it is with the younger population. Also, complications which some times resulted after the surgery were similar to those of the results which the younger generation showed. Being older did not make the surgical procedures difficult and it indeed helped correct diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea in many patients.

Why bariatric surgery stands out as the single most effective scientific technique to treat obesity is because of its immediate weight loss results. You don’t have to wait for weeks or months to enjoy the results of treatment. In the case of diet pills, patients have to wait a good 8 to 12 weeks before excellent weight loss results are achieved.

Advantage Seniors

• Surgery to treat obesity also improves your physical health by reducing diabetes and heart issues
• Gastric Bypass surgeries are effective and today various modern techniques have lowered the risks of this procedure to a good extend
• It makes living much easier for the older people
Disadvantages of Bariatric Surgery
• At times recovery can be slow and uncomfortable
• Permanent diet changes are necessary
• Side effects are common. Some people get sick eating extra sugar or sweets after the surgery.



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