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Facial collagen injections

As we age, the connective tissue in our skin starts to deplete and the result is the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Unless there is some sort of intervention, the fact of the matter is we will start to look older.  Facial collagen injections are a way to help slow down the aging process by erasing lines and wrinkles.  Facial collagen injections replace the collagen lost over time.

If you decide to have facial collagen injections, you need to understand that the effects produced, including a smoother complexion, will not last forever.  Treatments are usually good for three to six months making them an increasingly popular approach to a younger, more vibrant appearance.  Treatments take only minutes to complete and there is not need for sedation.

It is important that you discuss the side effects of facial collagen injections including the risk of an allergic reaction.  If you currently have beef or lidocaine allergies, you should not receive these injections.  Ask your doctor to do a spot check first be make sure that you will not experience any sort of reaction.


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