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How To Determine If Your Plastic Surgeon is Right For You  

by Kelly Altodona

The best plastic surgeon for you is the one that you can
trust. Remember that you are paying this individual a lot
of money to perform a service for you so there is no reason
for you to put up with patronizing talk or unpleasant
comments about your body. As in any situation, trust your
gut instincts. If the doctor does not seem to be listening
to you or answering your questions then that may be a red
flag that you are just another cash cow for him or her.
Also if you feel at all humiliated in any way that is your
cue to get out of the situation and find another doctor.

Apart from having the innate sense that you can trust this
individual the plastic surgeon should also be able to
thoroughly answer the following questions in a clear,
concise and thorough manner.

§How much can I expect to pay for this procedure?
§Do you offer financing or must it all be paid upfront?
§Will my surgery be performed in your office or a hospital?
§Does your facility have surgical accreditation and if so
through what organization?
§Do you have hospital admitting privileges? If so, with
which hospitals?
§How many times have you performed this procedure?
§What complications can I expect from the operation?
§What percentage of your patients suffer from
complications after surgery?
§In your practice, what is the most complication of this
§Is this invasive or non-invasive plastic surgery? If it
is invasive then can you please show me where the incision
sites will be?
§Does the procedure require an anesthesia? If so do you
use a certified anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist
§What type of anesthetic or anesthesia is required for
the procedure - twilight or full anesthesia?
§What medications must I stop taking prior to surgery?
§What herbal medications must I stop taking prior to
§How long is the average recovery time for this procedure.
§How will any bruising, bleeding, swelling or
inflammation be treated?
§Will I have to take antibiotics?
§What type of painkillers or medications will I be
prescribed for pain management?
§Are any of these medications dangerous or addictive?
§What are the side effects of these medications?
§How soon after this procedure can I resume my normal
§How soon after this procedure can I resume exercise or
exert myself.
§How soon after this procedure can I resume sexual
§If the work fails in anyway will you redo the work at no
extra expense? If not what is the expense?
§If the procedure has to be redone, will you use the same
incision or will a new incision have to be made.
§Are there any vitamins or supplements that I should
avoid after surgery?
§What do you suggest that I do so that my incisions and
bruising heals faster?
§Are postoperative visits free or is there a charge for

It is also a good idea to bring someone else along with
you on your consult so that they can also help you assess
the situation in general and assist you in remembering to
pay attention to your self care after anesthesia.
About the Author
(c) 2005 Kelly Altodona - All Rights Reserved

Kelly Altodona is a cosmetic surgery freelance author.


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