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How To Find a Good Plastic Surgeon 

 by Kelly Altodona

Finding a good plastic surgeon can be as daunting as
finding a good brain surgeon or even a good general
practitioner! There is no central database containing all
of the names of all the plastic surgeons so finding the one
that is best in your area may take some research and
detective work on your part! Also be prepared for the
possibility that the doctor you want may be located some
distance from you.

When you do find a plastic surgeon make sure you find out
what his area of specialty is. You wouldn't want your
television fixed by a plumber so don't ask for facial
surgery from a doctor who specializes in implants. Most
reputable plastic surgeons provide potential clients with a
glossy brochure that details exactly what procedures they
do and how much it will cost. If the cost seems to be some
kind of mystery or you can't get a straight answer about
the doctor's schedule, then move on to the next likely

You should also find out about the doctor's qualifications
and training. Usually this kind of thing is plastered all
over the waiting room or office walls. A lack of diplomas
is very suspicious and you might simply end up with a high
school graduate who nearly got a degree who took a couple
of courses on the side. Most doctors will be happy to
supply you with references as well the phone numbers of
former happy patients.

Friends are not necessarily a reliable source of
information about plastic surgeons. Unless you can see the
results of the operation for yourself and you really trust
the individual don't rely on word of mouth. Also remember
that the most well advertised surgeon is not necessarily
the best ones. Plastic surgeons who excel at their
professions often don't need to advertise because they have
long waiting lists and all the work they can possibly handle.

There are a number of professional organizations worldwide
that publish lists of plastic surgeons. However you may
need to be wary here as of course, these memberships can be
paid for. The most reliable sources of information about
plastic surgeons are through consumer groups and government

In the United States the American Society of Plastic
Surgeons is a good place for you to start looking for a
board certified plastic surgeon. Just type the Society's
name into a popular search engine such as Google or Yahoo
and you should be led to a page, which can help you find
the appropriate doctor in your region. Although membership
in this organization does not necessarily guarantee
superior care you will at least be able to see all of a
plastic surgeon's individual qualifications at a glance and
be able to access more information about him or her by
using the Society's toll free number.

Your family doctor or dentist may also know a reputable
plastic surgeon as often doctors and dentists need to refer
burn or injury patients to a plastic surgeon for
professional care.

About the Author

(c) 2005 Kelly Altodona - All Rights Reserved

Kelly Altodona is a cosmetic surgery freelance author.


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