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For the last few years if you have wanted to eliminate the signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging skin and other lines then it is more than likely you would consider using botox; there are many myths about what it is and before a person starts a course, it is worth finding out more information. To help with this, we need to step back a few decades to when this substance was first researched and used. It may be famous now for its use in cosmetic surgery but it wasn't always that way when it was first being studied by scientists half a century ago; It used originally for disorders of the brain.

It wasn't until around 1989 that the Federal Drug Administration agreed to allow its use in medical procedures to help people with disorders of the eye; conditions that caused uncontrollable blinking and crossed eyes were the first people to benefit. By the new millennium it had been approved for a number of other conditions including cervical dystonia; this disorder causes severe neck and shoulder contractions but they also permitted it to be used with other eye problems. In all the research that was going on with botox, doctors had found that it was effective at reducing frown lines around the eyebrow area; it was after this discovery that it officially came into existence and was FDA approved for cosmetic use in 2002.

You see botox is a neuro toxin, meaning it paralyses the muscles it is injected into and makes them relax; in time frown lines gradually soften and subside if sufficient treatments are given. Continued treatments mean in many cases the lines disappear and now the same treatment is used on other areas of the face like the crows' feet, laughter lines and other facial wrinkles. The injections are actually a diluted form of botulism; because of the purification process it can be used in cosmetic surgery.

This popularity is due to the fact that we all have wrinkles and lines (increasing with age) when we smile, laugh and make other facial movements which are the result of muscles in the face. The wonderful thing too many people is the treatment can help reduce and often eliminate the signs of aging that have taken years to appear; when these creases become permanent, no kind of skin cream can get rid of them but this treatment can eliminate them temporarily. Botox paralyzes the facial muscles which means everyday expressions we use in communication and take for granted cannot be made; people who have regular treatment often look as though they are dummies because they cannot smile properly or make other facial gestures that we tend to rely on.

Depending on the amount of treatments, a person can look fairly normal but their facial gestures will be restricted so that the creases and lines do not show. Some will be happy that the people who can afford the treatment are still the wealthy with individual treatments still costing a great deal of money; some single injections costing in the low to high hundreds of dollars. There is always some concern about new treatments and botox is no exception with many people worried about the long term effects of injections, but even so this has not stopped its popularity.


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